Timetable - Master Computer Science (in general)

The semester plan is not compulsory but is to be understood as a recommended suggestion. This proposal already takes into account possible interdependencies between courses as well as the offer in the winter or summer semester. A regular start of studies starts in winter, therefore the 1st semester in this plan is a winter semester, the 2nd semester a summer semester and so on always alternating winter and summer semesters.

» What does "Computer Science (in general)" mean? More information about the subject

 What does "Computer Science (in general)" mean?

Students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and get to know several different specializations. They thus receive a broadly diversified education in these fields:

  • Algorithms
  • Data Analysis
  • Parallel Computing
  • Internet Computing & Software Technology
  • Computer Graphics
  • Multimedia
  • Networks
  • Information Management & Systems Engineering


The choice of the advanced course and the compilation of the elective courses must be approved by the Directorate of Studies (SPL / “Studienprogrammleitung”) before the start of the studies! Otherwise registration for courses are not possible.

» What do I have to do to get approval of my elective module planning?