Timetable - Scientific Computing

Advanced course in the Master Computer Science programme

The semester plan is not compulsory but is to be understood as a recommended suggestion. This proposal already takes into account possible interdependencies between courses as well as the offer in the winter or summer semester. A regular start of studies starts in winter, therefore the 1st semester in this plan is a winter semester, the 2nd semester a summer semester and so on always alternating winter and summer semesters.

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What is Scientific Computing?

Computer Science plays an essential role in terms of research and development in many scientific disciplines. This includes the computation of theoretic models, the analysis of data from experiments and the conduction of computer experiments and simulations. People specialising in Scientific Computing are needed in the following areas (among others):

  • development and research departments
  • banks and insurances
  • management consulting

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Scientific Computing within the framework of the master's degree

Students who choose the subject Scientific Computing gain knowledge in these areas in addition to the basics of computer science:

  • scientific computing scientific
  • data management
  • Mathematics, Biology, chemistry, pharmacy and physics

They deal with the following questions, among others:

  • How is information organized in a data warehouse or data management system?
  • How can I use scientific computing in the fields of chemistry, biology, physics and pharmacy?
  • How do I solve tasks using mathematical software?
  • How do I visualize information?

You can find more detailed information about the individual courses of Scientific Computing in this time table.