Timetable - Data Science (Master Computer Science)

Advanced course in the Master Computer Science programme

The semester plan is not compulsory but is to be understood as a recommended suggestion. This proposal already takes into account possible interdependencies between courses as well as the offer in the winter or summer semester. A regular start of studies starts in winter, therefore the 1st semester in this plan is a winter semester, the 2nd semester a summer semester and so on always alternating winter and summer semesters.

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What is Data Science?

The goal of Data Science is the extraction of knowledge from data. It deals with the flood of data that defines our lives today. This includes the understanding of data from social networks and personal data, industrial processes and commercial data, up to political decision-making and data-driven scientific knowledge (e.g. in medicine, climate and energy research).

Graduates are able to apply different methods of data analysis to different data and situations.