Registration for courses and exams


When searching for courses and corresponding information such as dates and times, please use the » Online Course Directory (u:find) and NOT the registration system.


In the Online Course Directory u:find you will also find details about the registration.

General information about the registration system and the registration for courses and exams can be found at the website of the service unit Teaching Affairs and Student Services:

» Registration System
» Examination

General information

The courses in the degree programme Computer Science and Business Informatics (SPL 5) are offered by several Directorate of Studies. The registration for courses and their respective examinations may possibly be carried out according to different rules and different deadlines!

You can identify the Directorate of Studies affiliated with the course by the first two digits of the course number (“Lehrveranstaltungsnummer”). Courses by the SPL 5 (this is the vast majority of courses in the Computer Science programme) begin with the digits 05.

Information about registration and deregistration can be found in the respective entries of the courses in the  » Online Course Directory (u:find). Individual (not all!) courses in Medical Informatics are offered by the Medical University of Vienna. The registration to these courses will be carried out in the registration system of the Medical University of Vienna (Med.Campus).

Information about this can be found in the respective entries of the courses » Online Course Directory of the University of Vienna (u:find).


In order to participate in courses at the Medical University of Vienna, a » co-registration (“Mitbelegung”) with the Medical University of Vienna is compulsory.

Computer Science and Business Informatics (SPL 5)

The registration for courses and examinations of the SPL 5 will be carried out in the central registration system of the University of Vienna (» u:space). Please use u:find or the examination pass in u:space to register for all courses and examinations.

The procedure for registering for courses with continuous assessment is published in the University Gazette (in german) in accordance with §10(5) of the Statute on Study Law.

Tips and instructions on using the registration system can be found on the » information pages of the central registration system.


Please note the information and deadlines in U:FIND and on the homepage of the University of Vienna.

  • Registration for courses with limited number of participants (courses with continuous assessment, "prüfungsimmanent") in summer term 2024:

    • registration period: 12.02.2024 9:00 - 22.02.2024 9:00 (!)
      Different deadlines can be set for individual courses (especially in the case of cooperation with other institutions). Please always note the information on the registration deadline in U:FIND.
    • deregistration according to §10(6) of the statute on study law: until 14.03.2024 23:59
      In individual courses the deregistration deadline may vary, e.g. block of courses or courses that begin at a later date.
      In winter semesters there is a late registration period at the beginning of October for the courses in the first semester of the Bachelor’s programs.

    You can find all deadlines listed in the respective entries of the courses in the Online Course Directory (u:find). After the deadline has passed, the range of courses may be adapted and adjusted according to demand and availability. If possible, we will also wait for all grades from the previous semester to be entered so that they can be taken into account when calculating the study path and checking the mandatory prerequisites.The allocation will be done by 29.02.2024.
    After the allocation has been completed, students will be notified by email.

  • Registration for courses without limited number of participants (courses with non-continuous assessment, "nicht-prüfungsimmanent", usually lectures, type VO) is possible at any time during the semester. This is merely intended to simplify various procedures, such as granting access to learning platforms. ATTENTION: lectures have multiple exam dates. For each date, a separate registration is necessary (see next paragraph).
  • The registration for exams of courses with non-continuous assessment (VO exams) is a prerequisite to participate in the exam. The registration for exams ends three days at 00:00 prior to the exam date. The deregistration period ends one day at 00:00 prior to the exam date. Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays are not counted.

    Attention: in order to avoid misunderstandings with the date, the registration and deregistration end one minute before midnight, i.e. 23:59 of the previous day. The specific deadlines are shown in the respective exam entry on u:space.

    If you registered in due time and with correct data (e.g. degree programme/item in the curriculum, see " below), you have the right to participate in the exams by the SPL 5. There is no limited number of participants in exams.
    If you are unable to find an exam leave the space "Semester" empty.


Since the winter semester 2020/21, places for courses with continuous examinations have been allocated along the recommended study path. Please note the details of this allocation principle.

The time of registration within the regular registration period is not relevant for the allocation.

In addition to registration in the registration system, attendance at the preliminary discussion or first unit of the course is an absolute prerequisite for final admission to the course.

The course management may announce deviating regulations in the course catalogue. If you are obliged to attend but are unable to attend for an important reason, please contact the course management as early as possible.

Courses with multiple groups


If a course has more than one group (parallel courses), you may register for multiple groups within this course. You must rank the groups by your preference. The registration system will then allocate you to one group only, taking into account your preferences, where possible, and checks for scheduling conflicts (see » below).

During the last stage of the allocation, available places are filled regardless of group-preferences and scheduling conflicts.

When registering, you ideally indicate multiple groups and only indicate those that you wish and are able to attend. If you indicate one group only or very few groups that are highly requested, there is a risk that you won’t get a place in the course. You should, therefore, indicate as many groups as possible, but only those that you wish to attend and that you are able to attend.



The registration system checks the compulsory prerequisites defined in the curriculum. It is therefore essential that all exams and recognition of exams are listed and allocated correctly in » u:space (or rather in the record of transcript, “Sammelzeugnis”).

Advanced course (“Ausprägungsfach”)

In the Bachelor programme Computer Science (2016) and in the Master programme Computer Science (2022), you need to select an advanced course (“Ausprägungsfach”) in u:space before registering for courses of this “Ausprägungsfach” (curriculum: “Alternative Pflichtmodulgruppe” , for instance Data Science).
According to the curriculum, you may change your advanced course (“Ausprägungsfach”) only once.

The same procedure applies in the Master programme Computer Science (2016). However, the choice of advanced course (“Ausprägungsfach”) must be » pre-approved by the Directorate of Studies (SPL).

Item in the curriculum (“Studienplanpunkt”)

When registering for courses and exams you need to indicate for which item in the curriculum you would like to complete this course/exam. In the registration, please select the corresponding item in the curriculum (“Studienplanpunkt”).

ATTENTION: If you choose a “wrong” item, this may result in failing to meet the prerequisites and you will not be given a place in the course. For all compulsory courses in the Bachelor programme (incl. Teacher Education Bachelor’s programme), there is an identical item in the curriculum to choose from, e.g. for “VO Technische Grundlagen der Informatik” in module TGI, there is the item “VO Technische Grundlagen der Informatik” in the curriculum. Occasionally, there is one common item in the curriculum for several courses.

In the Master programme, please select the respective (usually identical) item in the curriculum for the compulsory courses defined in the curriculum. If no suitable item in the curriculum is available, please contact the » SSC Computer Science via email. For courses that were specified as an additional requirement as part of the admission process (see letter of admission, “Zulassungsbescheid”), please select the item “Auflagen im Rahmen des Zulassungsverfahrens”.

In the PhD programme, please select the item “Studienleistungen” for all compulsory courses.

For all courses that you wish to attend/complete but should not be “used” in or accredited to your programme, please select the item “Interessensmodul/Module of Interest”. If this is not possible in the registration system, please contact » SSC Computer Science with your registration request within the registration period.


Scheduling conflicts


During the first stage of the allocation, the registration system only allows for registration for courses that do not overlap in time. During the last stage of the allocation, available places are filled regardless of group-preferences and scheduling conflicts.

ATTENTION: Due to the use of two different registration systems, overlaps between courses with continuous assessment (prüfungsimmanente Lehrveranstaltungen) and lectures (Vorlesungen) are currently not taken into account.


After the registration

Please check the status of your registrations regularly in » u:space!

For courses with continuous assessment your status during the registration period will be “vorgemerkt” (new: "Zuteilung nach Anmeldefrist" / "Allocation by registration deadline"). After the registration deadline has ended, the registration system will allocate registered students to the courses. If you have been granted a place in a course (status: “angemeldet”), it is obligatory for you to attend the preliminary meeting (“Vorbesprechung”) or the first session of the course. If you fail to attend, you will lose your place in the course!

The lecturer may ask for different admission conditions which are then noted in the Online Course directory. If it is obligatory to attend and you are unable to attend for important reasons, please contact the lecturer as soon as possible.

If the registration system cannot allocate you, you will be put on a waiting list (status: “auf Warteliste”). The reasons for this are manifold. As a general rule, you may have no right for a place due to your degree programme (if you study more than one degree programme, you may have accidentally chosen the “wrong” degree programme).

If you are on the waiting list, please also attend the preliminary meeting (“Vorbesprechung”) or the first session of the course in order to discuss further steps with the lecturer. If you have the right for a place in the course according to the curriculum (i.e. all compulsory and recommended requirements according to the study path are met), we will find a solution. If you do not have that right, the lecturer may admit you to the course, if places are available. If you have been allocated (status: “angemeldet”) but wish to switch to a different group that has places available (!), please get in touch with the lecturers of the groups affected (e.g. in the preliminary meeting).

If, for whatever reason, you have not registered, then you are not entitled to participate. If there are free places, the lecturers can accept you in justified cases. Please be sure to adhere to the following procedure: Contact the lecturers (not the SSC) at the latest at the beginning of the course. If the requirements are met, the lecturers can then arrange for you to be admitted to the course.

In case of a problem

If you cannot register (status: “angelegt” or "Voraussetzung noch nicht erfüllt") even though all prerequisites are met, there is no need to panic. Please get in touch with the SSC Informatik during the registration period in order to solve the problem.

If you get in touch via email (the preferred method), please describe your problem as accurately as possible (bad example: “registration does not work”). We will, of course, reply to all inquiries. However, we ask for your understanding that during times with high demands, the response time may be longer.

If you have passed an exam (or applied for recognition of an exam) but the grade has not been entered in » u:space yet, the status in the registration system remains “angelegt” or "Voraussetzung noch nicht erfüllt" as the system needs this grade as prerequisite. The same applies if the exam took place during/after the registration period or if you submit coursework in a course with continuous assessment at a later stage.

Be sure to register for courses you wish to attend during the registration period! If the pending grade is entered before the deadline (for courses with continuous assessment: before the allocation), the change in status from “angelegt” to “angemeldet” or “vorgemerkt” ("Zuteilung nach Anmeldefrist") will happen automatically.

ATTENTION: in order for the check of prerequisites to work properly, your academic performances (exams) must be assigned to the correct items in the curriculum. Wrong assignments can in most cases be corrected by yourself in u:space. If you still experience problems with incorrectly assigned items, please contact the » SSC Computer Science during the registration period.

If you experience problems with the registration system itself, we recommend that you get in touch with the Support Team of the registration system: The SSC, unfortunately, only has limited possibilities as we do not have access to the web interface used by students.

If you have problems accessing the registration system (“The system forgot my password”), please get in touch with the ZID (Vienna University Computer Center): (


If you have been admitted to a course with continuous assessment (status: “angemeldet”) and do not wish to participate any longer, you may deregister within the deregistration period (see » deadlines) without explanations and without being graded.
If you have attended the course at least once and drop out without good reasons and without deregistering, you will be graded according to the statute on study law §10 Abs. 6 Satzung Studienrecht.

If you are registered for an exam of a course with non-continuous assessment (lecture, type VO), you may deregister in the registration system up to two days prior to the exam date. If you are registered for an exam and do not attend without good reasons, you will be banned for the following exam date according to the statute on study law §6 Abs. 5 Satzung Studienrecht.