FFG Bridge Project "SecurityTwin" für Edgar Weippl und Forschungsgruppe SEC


Projekterfolg für die Forschungsgruppe Security & Privacy (SEC) um Prof. Edgar Weippl: Das FFG Bridge Projekt "SecurityTwin - Digital Twins for Cyber-Physical Threat Detection & Response" wurde gemeinsam mit SBA Research GmbH, Condignum GmbH und ENRAG GmbH eingereicht und startet mit 1.1.2021. Die Fakultät gratuliert herzlich.

Über das Projekt:

Securing CPSs throughout their entire lifecycle with adequate measures is of utmost importance. However, performing thorough security testing during the engineering and operation phase is typically not feasible due to multiple reasons:

i) the development of custom testbeds for security testing is cost-intensive and time-consuming, and
ii) the real CPSs cannot be utilized for security testing as the up-time and safety of such systems is critical and only limited maintenance schedules are available.

The aim of the proposed project is to develop the fundamental methods for employing the digital-twin concept to enhance the security of CPSs.
We will develop a framework to build digital replicas of CPSs based on engineering data, emulating components, networks, and simulating physical processes. While those digital replicas can be used for security testing and exploration in a safe and realistic environment, we will further extend the framework with a novel intrusion detection system (IDS) and with the capabilities to detect and mitigate early symptoms of cyber risks.

Laufzeit von 01.01.2021-31.12.2023
Antragsteller: SBA Research GmbH
Projektpartner: Condignum GmbH, ENRAG GmbH

Prof. Weippl leitet die Forschungsgruppe Security and Privacy an der Fakultät für Informatik an der Universität Wien.