Research Assistant – Computer Graphics


Photorealistic asset creation & animation of farm animals for computer vision synthetic data generation. Employer: Precision Livestock Farming Hub, Vetmeduni Vienna.

Application Deadline: as soon as possible. The contract must be signed before end of November.
Pay: 1.190,10 Euros/month * 14months/year, as per universities collective agreement.
Working language: English
Duration: 1 year contract
Hours: 20hrs/wk, flexible around exams etc.
Employer: Precision Livestock Farming Hub, Vetmeduni Vienna


  • Photography of farm animals, equipment, buildings & environment
  • Photogrammetry to build 3D models & surface reflectance textures
  • Animation of locomotion & behavior
  • UE5 plugin for automatic scene & action generation with variation
  • Integration with UnrealGT synthetic generator plugin


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